The Studio

Our Studio members of the family at Sandhurst Farm Forge include Ceramic and Textile artist Isabel Dickinson, and Fine Art Sculptor William Dickinson.

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Isabel Dickinson

Excited by colour, texture and pattern, I am very much influenced by my organic surroundings. I produce wheel thrown and sculptural clay pieces with the intriguing addition of felted textiles. Much of my work involves the use of underglazes as an integral part of my decoration.

As a member of Kent Potters Association and Ashford Visual Artists, I have exhibited at Godinton House, Ashford, at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, and at Hall Place in Bexley. I have also exhibited at Small Hythe Studio near Tenterden, Creek Creative Studios in Faversham and Conquest House, Canterbury. Alongside this I also attend various markets, as part of the Best of Faversham Markets.

Blue Splatter Vase

Blue Underglazed seed pods

Handbuilt Chanterelle Mushroom

Pink sponged Table Flower Pot

Pink Underglazed Seed Pods

Sponged Earthenware Bowl

Will Dickinson

Will Dickinson's practice follows two disciplines. On one hand he is a self-taught woodturner, combining wood and found material via traditional methods. To demonstrate the adoptive nature of wood and making us aware of how it integrates itself into our homes and environments. And on the other he explores a conceptually driven practice, attempting to expose a material's own identity through the alteration of function, form, purpose and origin. Both practices share a common aim, which is to understand ways in which we share relationships with material.